Yup, there was a bit of a disaster, my web hosting company somehow lost all of of the beef and whiskey content. One word: backups! Do them!

I didn't, so, here I am, manually rebuilding the whole thing. It's going to have to be a slow, painstaking, manual process. I'll be adding back old blog posts as I find time to do so. Also, it's gonna take awhile to get all the links, images, videos, etc. back in place. So until it's all put back together, you'll just see a bunch of bookmarks and blank spaces where those things are supposed to go. Thanks for your patience and come back soon, new blog posts are on the way!

The Simple Things: Butcher’s Pepper

Sometimes it’s a simple thing that make the difference.

While I was picking up a few ribeyes from my local butcher shop in Hoboken, the chatty beef wench behind the counter asked me:

“Have you ever used butcher’s pepper?”

“Butcher’s what?”



Vegan Breakfast (Beef and Whiskey Style!)

I watched Forks over Knives last night, and I am a changed man! Here’s my first vegan breakfast, whaddaya think? Do I have the hang of it?

Should I?

Should I eat this last hot dog?

Not Your Chinese Take-Out Egg Drop Soup!

Until just recently, I hadn’t had egg drop soup in a long, long time. That’s because the stuff they sell at Chinese restaurants is always polluted with corn starch. And who knows what else. And I didn’t think it was possible to find egg-drop soup anywhere else than a Chinese restaurant.

When You’re Sick of Eggs: Sliders!

I eat a lot of eggs. I love eggs. But sometimes on a Saturday morning, eggs just don’t have that something-something I’m looking for. But when hunger comes a’ callin, you gotta find something to shove down your pie hole (and hopefully something other than pie…).

Boring Beef and (Still Pretty Good) Whiskey

My entire motivation for buying a Sous Vide Supreme was to have a tool that made really good food, like steaks, pork chops, chicken, burgers, even, taste even better. And it does exactly that. And more.

Burgers from scratch

For some odd reason I recently decided to make up a big ole batch of burgers from scratch. That is, I decided to take some chunks of grass-fed meat and grind them up myself into ground meat which I would then form into delicious discs of hamburgery heaven.


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