Pig Fries

Posted on March 9, 2010
by mrfreddy
Ok, I hope this is my last post featuring the use of pork products in unconventional ways. But it probably isn’t.

One of the things I do miss from my pre-low carb days is french fries.

Whilst preparing a burger at home the other day, I spied a single hot italian sausage in the fridge, all by itself and lonely. And inspiration hit! Well, maybe not exacty inspiration, but…

Anyway, with no further adieu, I give you….



Mr. Beef and Whiskey in the New York Times!

Posted on February 12, 2010
by mrfreddyA few months ago I got an email from Dr. Michael Eades announcing “The New York Times wants you!”

What the hell?

Turns out one of their reporters wanted to do a piece on the Sous Vide Supreme and had missed out on the NYC stopover of the SVS team press tour that I had blogged about. She had somehow found my blog and decided she wanted to get my take on sous viding and on the Sous Vide Supreme itself. She also wanted to hear about Heston Blumenthal’s outrageous story about cooking an entire pig in a hot tub .

Would You Like Some Horseradish Sauce with Those Short Ribs, sir?

Posted on January 13, 2010 by mrfreddy| Leave a comment
I can’t even remember the last time I had short ribs, so I’m not much of an expert on what they normally taste like. But if they are supposed to taste like the most tender and succulent prime rib you ever sunk your teeth into, then I got it right.

Thursday, noonish
It was a rather loose plan. I dumped the short ribs into their respective bags and added whatever barbque sauce I had on hand. I set the sous vide supreme to 130 degrees.

Dean Ornish’s Nightmare Snack

Posted on January 13, 2010 by mrfreddy
I found myself feeling a bit peckish a few days ago, so I opened the fridge to see what I could scare up for a snack. Hmm, there’s some leftover steak, ah, here’s a few slices of cooked bacon. Let’s see, what else do we have here… arugala? no…. bell peppers? no no no…. AH HA! A nice big chunk of brie! Wonderful, I’ll make a Dean Ornish Nightmare snack: beef, bacon, and brie!


Nothing too culinarily challenging here, I just sliced up the beef, put a slice of cooked bacon each slice, and topped them off with a generous slice of brie. Into the oven for a bit, and voila, a satisfying snack.


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