Eating Out, Beef and Whiskey Style: Steak Frites

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My wife left me to my own devices this past Friday night, so I decided to take myself out on the town. I found myself near Union Square where I discovered one off my old favorite restaurants in Manhattan, Steak Frites, which had moved to another part of town a few years ago, was back where it started, on 16th street, just a bit down the block from the Union Square Cafe.

Sous-Vide Photorama

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The Sous Vide Supreme arrived and I’ve been cooking up a storm. Here’s some photos and random notes on a few of my recent experiments.

This was a two inch thick ribeye from Whole Foods. Their ribeyes are usually very good, but the first two of the batch this one came with were on the tough and chewy side. Not this one, not after about 4 hours at 134 degrees in the SVS.

Sizzling on the stove, in butter. I do it longer than the recommended 30 seconds or so, more like minute plus per side. With a two inch steak, you can get away with that.


First bite, looks great! You can see the result of leaving it in the pan for such a long time, there’s a thicker “done” area on top and bottom.

Rest in Peace Drinking Man!

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RIP, Robert Cameron. He wrote The Drinking Man’s diet back in the fifties, a low carb diet book that preceded Atkins by more than a decade. He made it to 98, and as far as I know he was a low-carber all the way. Naturally an obvious source of inspiration for a blog named I never met you Robert, I wish I had. Cheers and save me a seat at the bar, would ya?

Update Dec. 5… I found this in an article on Mr. Cameron:

The Mayonnaise Files, part 1

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Since I’d just finished a breakfast that included several pieces of bacon, I thought I’d give “baconaise” another shot. I’d tried it once before but something went wrong, the stuff collapased on me. Actual cooks call this “breaking”, meaning the emulsion that is supposed to happen when you mix the eggs and oil doesn’t work. I call it a a liquidy mess.

But this time, for who knows what reason, nothing went wrong. Let’s have a look:

Start out with one full egg, and the bacon oil, cooled off a bit but still liquid.


Add a splash of lime juice.


A splash of White Wine Vinegar.


A few pinches of salt.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Sous-Vide Supreme!

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A couple of years ago, shortly after buying a big green egg grill, I started hearing about something called “hot-tubbing” a steak. It simply involved putting your steak in an airtight bag, dropping it in water as hot as you could get it from your tap, and leaving it there for while, say, an hour or so. Then you fire up your grill, get it as hot as you can and finish your steak on the grill. All you need is a couple minutes on each side and you have steak perfection.

The Beef Smoothie Cleanse

Posted on September 11, 2009 by mrfreddy
First Things First

If you’re new to this blog, allow me to tell you a few things about myself. I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist. I am not your coach, holistic or otherwise. I am just a guy, 53 years old, who’s been on a low carb diet for 8 plus years, and loves the results: down 40 pounds from my all time highest weight of 230 pounds on a 6 foot frame (Ok, 5′ 11 1/2″ frame), feel fantastic almost all the time, rarely get sick, have fantastic bloodwork (very low trigl, very high HDL, etc. etc.).

The Basics


How to make oatmeal, beef and whiskey style!

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here’s my recipe for oatmeal:

1. Crack open 3 eggs.
2. Stir eggs till well mixed.
3. Heat up some real honest to god butter (or bacon fat) in a skillet. If you have any left over steak, cut it into small pieces and toss that in there too.
4. Add some cheese and salt and pepper to the eggs.
5. Add eggs to the skillet, stir continuously till fully cooked.
6. Toss oats into the trash can. Or, give them to your horse, if you have one.
7. Enjoy your eggs!

A couple of cool videos…

…courtesy of the twittering Dr. Eades.

If you have some time, fire this up and sit back and watch. After the two science professor dorks shut up, it’s Gary Taubes doing a presentation on his research for his book “Good Calories Bad Calories.” This one is nice cuz the web site displays both the slides and Gary talking (dont switch the video to full screen, like I did-that’ll cause you to miss the slide show.

I don’t know much about Nina Planck, but she has a lot of good things to say here, regarding industrialized foods versus real foods. That is, vegetable oil versus lard, trans fats versus saturated fats, etc. etc. She also talks about her experience with a vegan diet (bad!) and with a real food diet (good!).


Here at beef and whiskey dot com, we freely advocate a diet high in beef, along with all other sources of animal protein and fat -lamb, chicken, seafood, pork, etc. etc. Because, contrary to nutritional officialdom, who would have you believe the very foods that humans evolved on are somehow bad for you, we believe (ok, it’s really just me here, I believe…) that the human body needs fats and proteins, not carbs.

So, in short, meat is good, sugar and starch are bad, very very bad.

Which brings me to whiskey. Hmmm. What to say? I cannot sit here and argue that it’s good for you, but, as long as you don’t go overboard, hey, enjoy yourself.

Eating Out, Low Carb Style

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I found myself eating breakfast out of town the other day (quick trip to Philadelphia), and I thought I’d show just how easy it is to stick to a low carb plan while eating out.

Here’s my breakfast as it arrived on the table. A “porcine” omelet (it has ham and bacon and sausage in it, if I remember correctly). And a couple of sausages that I asked for on the side. And some whole wheat toast and some sort of hash brown construction.

Omlette in Philadelphia

Here’s my finished plate. See how easy that is?



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