Cooking Chicken on the Big Green Egg

Posted on April 17, 2009 by mrfreddy

Somehow following a no sugar/starch diet just leads naturally to grilling a lot and grilling a lot leads naturally to the day you bring home a big green egg (BGE). At least in my world it does.

Although I can’t use mine much anymore, I just came across some pics I took of a cook I did over a year ago, so I thought I’ might as well post them.

Apparently, I was cooking some chicken thighs, using two different recipes. Don’t ask me why, it was more than a year ago, I have no idea why I did that. I must have had a reason, right?

Anyway, for a couple of pieces, I soaked the chicken for a few hours in a “Smokey” brine mix I found at whole foods, and then, just before cooking, I rinse the chicken and cover the pieces with Nantucket’s Rasta rub. I like to use the Nantucket stuff after brining-it doesn’t have any salt, which is nice since the brine mix gives you all the salt you need.


For the rest of the chicken, I used a Vodka recipe I found in a cookbook somewhere. Looks like it called for, in addition to Vodka, some orange slices, some horseradish mustard (the recipe called for fresh grated horseradish, but I cheated with this stuff), some onions, and some type of pepper. And I think that’s some grated orange peels in there too, but I’m not really sure.

vodka recipe ingred

Put all that in a bag, shake it up, and then let ‘er sit in the fridge for a few hours.


Ok, time to get the egg going. I dont want to get to technical with the egg setup, but you can get a divider thingy that sits between the fire and the grill, making an indirect cook really easy to do. You want the temp to be 375 degrees. One of the beauties of the BGE is that once you have your temp dialed in, it stays put-for as long as your charcoal lasts anyway. It’ll last hours, but we only need about 45 minutes.


Ok, ok, I know, gasp in horror, what is that toast doing on the grill. I thougth Mr. Beef and Whiskey was one of those low carb nuts… Yes, I am. But I can’t resist a little cheat here and there. And for awhile I was obsessed with Texas Toast. I’m over that now. I’m on to chips and salsa, but that’s not important now, is it?


Ok, here’s the chicken on the grill. If I remember properly, you dont even need to turn the chicken when you’re cooking on the BGE this way. All you gotta do is kick back and enjoy your favorite adult beverage. And play with your dog.


Almost ready…


Really almost ready….


And there it is on the plate. I can’t tell you what it tasted like (more than year ago, remember…) but it sure looks good. Another thing about the BGE, it cooks the outside to perfection, and keeps the meat super moist. Something to do with the way it’s made – very thick ceramic walls and cover and all that.