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The Cholesterol Chronicles, Part Two

Here’s second and final chapter of the Cholesterol Chronicles. This installment concludes my little story, based on true events, about certain eejit doctors and their attempts to put me on statin drugs.

The Cholesterol Chronicles, part one

Here’s the first in what will probably end up as a three or four part series, a story based on true events, that being  the story of my experiences with various doctors regarding blood test results, and their attempts to pressure me into taking statin drugs.

Pork Chop Throw Down!

Ok, time for a four-way pork chop throw down!

In the one corner, we have a chop from the wooly pig itself, the Mangalitsa, the kobe beef of pork.

I should have taken notes…

I’m no master chef, but one of the fun parts of going low carb, for me anyway, was learning to cook for myself. Before I started, I was eating the normal diet for single guy in New York city – take out Chinese, take out Indian, take out Mexican, burgers and fries and pizza. And bagels for breakfast, every day. On the weekends I’d allow myself the luxury of adding cream cheese to the bagel.

Bag the Wag


Bag the wagyu, that  is.


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