Should I?

Should I eat this last hot dog?

If you count the toothpicks there, you can see I’ve already downed four of them (two per dog). These are sugar free all grass-fed beef hot dogs from Wrapped in thick slices of Berkshire bacon.

A tasty breakfast, indeed.

But I’m feeling kinda full already. But they taste so good.

What to do, what to do???


3 Responses to Should I?

  1. Be a fatso and eat it.

  2. Fritz,
    I’ve got some more deer if you’re interested.


    Oh hell yeah!

  3. I vote for eating it! But I guess I’m kind of late to this game….I’m sure you have made a decision by now! What I find about eating a high protein diet is that I can’t eat a large quantity of food so I wouldn’t have been able to eat the first 3 hot dogs, never mind the last one…..but then I have 2 X chromosones! Glad to see you are still posting on occasion….

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